Request Epic Research Interface


CRIAG is the Clinical Research Informatics Advisory Group.


The UC Health Office of Clinical Research, the CCTST and the Department of Biomedical Informatics are pleased to offer, on a limited basis, support for customizing Epic to facilitate research. Specific types of projects include facilitating recruitment of study subjects, customized templates for collecting research data, and research-focused decision support (e.g., alerts). If you think your ability to recruit patients or collect data might be improved by leveraging some of Epic’s capabilities, you can submit a request to the CRIAG.


CRIAG was formed as an advisory/gatekeeping mechanism to assist researchers who need access to front-end (real-time) research functions in Epic. An example need is an alert within Epic that contacts a research coordinator when certain patient conditions that match inclusion criteria for a study are entered into a patient record.

Due to the complexity of building decision support in Epic, these requests are carefully reviewed. CRIAG is comprised of clinical researchers, informatics, hospital research administrators and physician builders. CRIAG meets regularly to review requests.


All requests are submitted through the CCTST Research Central website. If you are not a member, you need to join (it is very easy): click on the “Join Now” button located in the “Become a Member”.

Once logged in click, “Request Assistance with your Research Project,” and follow the prompts. The fourth screen is this:

selecting CRIAG on CCTST

Select CRIAG option and enter a brief description of your request if you have anything else to add from “Description of Project”, someone will follow up with you.

Note: This service is distinct from requests to obtain existing Epic data for research purposes. Research data requests are supported through the Center for Health Informatics via the CCTST Research Central website. For questions contact Brett Harnett at


Researchers at the level of Assistant Professor or above are eligible to request a CRIAG voucher for development. Vouchers are worth up to 20 hours of development (<$2000). Additional development can be purchased within the range of available development resources.


Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Likely benefit to the research project
  • Strategic value to the research mission
  • Feasibility of development, implementation, and use
  • Scalability of the developed tool
  • Lack of alternative approaches
  • Impact on clinical operations
  • Sustainability and maintenance

Proposals with funding in place will be given priority.

Process: (See flow chart below)

  • CRIAG requests are routed to the Center for Health Informatics (CHI) who quickly reviews and determines its initial eligibility then forwarded to UC Health for scoping and cost.
  • If changes are required, the Chair contacts the PI to discuss.
  • The request is then reviewed by the entire CRIAG where it is approved or denied.
  • If approved, every effort will be made to develop the tool in as timely a fashion as possible.
  • If denied, the PI can request an appeal.
  • Testing then follows before being moved to a production environment.*

* Some tools will require approval by the UC Health Clinical Advisory Committee which is prompted by the Chair before any development occurs.

CRIAG Workflow