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Need UC Health patient data or custom IT solutions for your research data?

Whether you’re looking to collect it, clean it, query it, visualize it, explore it, analyze it or mine it — CHI’s team of IT professionals and data scientists can help.

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Note: Demand for data services fluctuates during the year. While some data requests are filled within a week or two, it may take 4 weeks plus. Please plan ahead to avoid delays that may affect deadlines in your research pathways.

Popular Services
general_consult.svg General Consult Discussion with CHI about your data, technology development, or data analysis needs. We have Epic-certified analysts, application developers and data scientists on staff, along with closely aligned data science faculty. From study design, to designing ways for more effective utilization of biohealth data, to enhancing your grant submissions, our integrated group in Biomedical Informatics can help enhancing your biohealth data science. If you are a student, we can provide certain subsidized services, see Terms of Service. More info
trinetx.svg Study Feasibility using TriNetX UC/UC Health is part of the TriNetX platform. Each month, the CHI updates the TriNetX with updated data collected in Epic. TriNetX is a self-service tool for querying UC Health’s patient population and cohort identification by building queries with the specific inclusion/exclusion criteria. This can be translated to subject recruitment activities by sharing your query with the CHI who can reverse-engineer queries on the UC Health network for identifiable data, contingent on individual IRB approvals. This is common for sponsored studies where the pharma or CRO already wrote the query - that's how they know we have the patients that meet the criteria. No patient details are presented in TriNetX, only 'counts' of those that meet criteria. More info
data_fully_identified.svg Clinical Data Extractions: FULLY Identified Data Sets CHI can provide fully identified data sets from UC Health’s Epic Electronic Health System and other clinical systems for research use. Fully identified data sets can include HIPAA identifiers that requires an approved IRB protocol. More info
ai.svg Machine Learning/AI Applications Many clinical approaches are increasingly amenable to solutions that invoke artificial intelligence, including challenges in differential diagnostics, treatment recommendation, precision dosing, and patient behavior. CHI can suggest Machine Learning/AI approaches and design solutions that can be implemented in Epic and in clinical or research workflows. More info
custom_tools.svg Custom Tools, Dashboards, and Projects Because specialized software is sometimes needed to meet research needs, the CHI offers custom software development. The CHI is the only group authorized to write code that interfaces with UC Health data systems. Our developers understand typical clinical research objectives, the path to technical and implementation feasibility in the UC Health IT environment, and the landscape of federal and local compliance requirements. More info